Open Album from the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu.


Select the screenshot or video you wish to save by pressing the A Button, then press the A Button again to open the Sharing and Editing menu.


Select Send to Smartphone from the menu. You can send up to 10 screenshots at once using the Send a Batch option.


Follow the instructions on the system. Use the camera on your smartphone to scan both of the QR Code® patterns in order.

Note: The first QR Code connects your smartphone to your Nintendo Switch system. The second QR Code opens a URL for the data.


Once the URL is open within a web browser on your smartphone, you can save your screenshots or video.

Note: The method used to save your data can vary between devices or operating systems.



Depending on your device or camera application, there may be times when you are unable to scan the QR Code or save your data after scanning the QR Code. Data charges may apply.

Note: When using an iOS device, please update to the latest OS for your device and use the standard Camera and browser apps.

Note: When using an Android device, please check the link below if you encounter issues.

・The screenshots and videos may be saved in separate locations depending on your device.

・Please visit the following support site if you run into other issues or are unsure how to proceed.